Nanny Counsel is a Nanny Consulting Agency & Advice Blog. We offer professional information, resources, and services to help foster healthy, longterm relationships between Parents and Nannies. We publish relevant articles on Nanny industry standards and laws, as well as guidance on how to deal with common issues. We provide targeted coaching and consulting sessions to help navigate the Nanny employment process and the Nanny-Family relationship. In addition, we take the stress away of hiring a Nanny on your own, by offering complete Professional Nanny placement services. We are very passionate about the Nanny industry and pride ourselves on placing stellar Nannies with stellar Families. 

Here at Nanny Counsel, we believe there are 3 components to an abundantly successful Nanny-Family relationship: The Nanny, The Family, and Nanny Counsel.

When looking at the graphic above, you see the left triangle represents the Nanny. Every Nanny has their own "nanny style" that they bring to the relationship. Every Nanny also has their own set of job requirements and expectations. In addition, every Nanny communicates differently and handles conflict differently. While a Nanny is an employee and hired to do a job, it's important to recognize that since Nannying is both professional and personal, what a Nanny inherently brings to the relationship, matters a lot.

Next, you can see the right triangle represents the Family. Just like the Nanny, the Family has their own child rearing style that they bring to the relationship. Every Family also has their own set of requirements and expectations of their Nanny. And finally, every Family has their own style of communication and ways to handle conflict. Again, the Nanny-Family dynamic is both professional and personal, so what a Family inherently brings to the relationship, is extremely important. 

When Nannies and Parents join together to raise children, they overlap with one another, and that overlap is represented by the middle triangle. Here at Nanny Counsel, we are the middle triangle. We are here to bridge the gap between Nannies and Families by promoting healthy communication, clear and reasonable expectations, and professional boundaries. Whether you are a nanny and we are coaching you on how to ask for a raise or you are a parent and we are working to place you with the best nanny for your family, Nanny Counsel focuses on creating and maintaining a harmonious "overlap" between Nannies and Families.