Hiring and employing nanny can be very confusing. Nannies are subject to very specific laws that many people (including CPAs) don't realize, so it's imperative that a nanny is employed legally and fairly. The parent-nanny dynamic is a unique one because it’s both professional and personal. Boundaries that aren’t normally crossed in the business world get crossed everyday in the nanny world. Oftentimes lines get blurred and that “blurring” can lead to problems. Nanny Counsel's goal is to be there for the difficult times and help guide you through them. Family Consulting Sessions: $100

Sessions are 60 minutes and are held either in person, on the phone, or via video chat. Here are some of the topics we can help with:

  • Nanny employment laws
  • Typical nanny job expectations
  • Nanny industry standards
  • Budgeting for a nanny
  • How to practice healthy communication
  • Setting boundaries
  • Tips to keep your nanny longterm
  • Traveling with your nanny
  • Conflict resolution
  • Letting your nanny go

Overwhelmed with the idea of hiring a nanny all on your own? Nanny Counsel makes it simple by offering the following services:

  • Creating a custom work agreement between nanny and family
  • Interviewing/screening nannies
  • Pay and benefits negotiation
  • In-home observations during nanny’s working hours.
  • In-home nanny coaching/training
  • Complete nanny placement services

First Year Family Package: $400

A total of five, one-hour sessions/consultations with Nanny Counsel (in person, phone, or video chat)

  1. WORKING AGREEMENT. Your first consultation will take place when negotiating and signing the working agreement. Nanny Counsel will be present to make sure the working agreement is correct as well as help the negotiating process. This is the most vital session because the working agreement is the foundation of the parent-nanny relationship. If the nanny or the parents are not happy with even just one part of this agreement, it can lead to problems in the future. Having an expert there to navigate the process is extremely beneficial.
  2. THREE MONTH CHECK-IN. Now that the working agreement is negotiated and out of the way, it’s time for a check-in to see how things are going! Are both parties honoring the working agreement? Have any issues arose? Does anything need to be renegotiated? This three-month check-in is almost as vital as the working agreement session because if there is anything that needs to be addressed/tweaked, it's better to do it early on rather than later.
  3. SIX MONTH CHECK-IN. Same as three-month check-in but at six months.
  4. TWO ADDITIONAL CONSULTS. You also receive two additional one-hour consultations at the times of your choosing. For example, if a question arises at the four-month mark before your scheduled six-month check-in or if at eleven months you want to discuss renegotiating/resigning the contract, simply schedule a session with Nanny Counsel. These two additional consults are valid up to the first year with your nanny