Nanny Counsel is a business built by nannies. What started out as a Nanny Advice Blog, quickly turned into a Nanny Consulting Agency. Because Nanny Counsel has such a large nanny following, we have direct access to amazing nannies from all across the globe. Nannies trust Nanny Counsel and because of that, the best nannies are eager to work with us. A Nanny Agency is only as good as its nannies, and here at Nanny Counsel, we can confidently say we have great nannies. In fact, to better understand the quality we provide, CLICK HERE to see "A Day in the Life" of a Nanny Counsel Nanny. Nanny Counsel is committed to advocating for both the nanny AND the family. We believe families and nannies are equally important, and do not prioritize one over the other. As true family advocates, this is what we guarantee when you choose to hire a nanny through our agency:

  • We will be a part of the entire contract negotiation process. We will go back and forth between you and the nanny, until all parties agree and a contract is signed. 
  • We only represent Professional Nannies who are willing to work 100% legally (i.e., getting paid on the books, getting paid overtime, etc.). 
  • We thoroughly vet nannies by interviewing them, completing a comprehensive background check, and speaking with their childcare references.
  • We have strict requirements nannies must meet in order to be represented by Nanny Counsel. Click HERE to view these requirements. 
  • We do not pressure nannies to take jobs when they feel it's not the right fit. Your happiness and your family are more important to us than making a quick placement -- we do not prioritize profit over our client's best interests. 
  • We educate families and nannies on how to practice clear communication with one another, how to treat one another, and how to establish healthy boundaries. 
  • We offer a 90-day guarantee and offer a free replacement, should things not work out with your nanny within the first 90 days. 
  • While you are actively employing a Nanny Counsel Nanny, we offer unlimited support and guidance, should you need it.