Q: Why did you decide to create Nanny Counsel?

A: The nanny industry is unlike any other because it is both professional and personal. Furthermore, there is no HR Department advocating for nannies to ensure they are being employed legally and fairly. Our goal was to create a place where nannies AND parents could find informative articles to help educate them on nanny laws and industry standards. Sadly, there actually isn't that much information out there pertaining to nanny standards, so we sought out to create a place where parents and nannies could easily find everything they need in order to have a healthy, longterm nanny-family relationship. 

Q: Why are your articles so snarky?

A: Nanny Counsel articles are definitely blunt, sassy, and at times, even snarky. It's important to remember that these articles are written with nannies in mind. We are writing what almost every nanny is thinking, but can't say -- which is why Nanny Counsel has garnered such a large nanny following. Nanny Counsel is relevant and relatable -- we don't sugarcoat and we keep it very real. Are the articles a good example of how a nanny should speak to their employer when they have an issue? Absolutely not. But they are a good way to relate to nannies, validate their feelings, and empower them to professionally stand up for themselves. The articles are also a great way to give parents a glimpse inside a nanny's mind. The reason Nanny Counsel is so popular is because it's relatable -- that means many nannies have felt or thought exactly what our articles touch on. Parents should use these articles as an opportunity to educate themselves and relate to their nanny on a more authentic level. The goal is for parents to put themselves in their nanny's shoes for just a moment, and hopefully see them in a different light. 

Q: What exactly is your educational background and how are you qualified?

A: Brooke (creator & owner) has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Florida State University and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Marriages and Families from Pepperdine University. She has 12+ years of professional nanny experience including working as a part-time nanny, a full-time nanny, a live-in nanny, a high profile nanny, a traveling nanny, a night nanny, a personal assistant, and a household manager. She knows the ins and outs of the nanny industry and can spot a nanny or a family being taken advantage of from a mile away. She knows how to effectively communicate with parents & nannies not only because of her many years as a nanny, but also because of her background in Clinical Psychology.

Q: Where are you located?

A: Nanny Counsel is located in Nashville, but we serve families and nannies all over the U.S.

If there's a topic you want more information on or simply have a question, please feel free to reach out directly through our Contact Us page.