Nanny Counsel is a business built by its nannies. Without amazing nannies, Nanny Counsel would cease to exist. We recognize that we are here because of YOU. Because of that, we do not prioritize profit at the expense of our nannies. Nanny Counsel is committed to advocating for both the family AND the nanny. We believe families and nannies are equally important, and do not prioritize one over the other. As true nanny advocates, this is what we guarantee when you are represented by our agency:

  • We will be a part of the entire contract negotiation process. We will go back and forth between you and the employer, until all parties agree and a contract is signed. 
  • We only represent families who are willing to do things 100% legally. This includes: Paying on the books and issuing the nanny a W-2 each year, paying a nanny hourly (not salary), paying overtime, and absolutely no banking hours. 
  • We only represent families who are willing to offer typical industry standards. For example: guaranteed hours, vacation time, sick days, mileage reimbursement, paying the going rate for the area, etc.
  • We vet families just as thoroughly as we vet nannies. This means we interview them and unless a family has never hired a nanny before, we speak with their past nannies as reference.
  • We will not pressure you to take a job you do not want nor hold that decision against you. Your happiness is more important to us than making a quick placement -- we do not prioritize profit over our nanny's best interests.  
  • We educate families and nannies on how to practice clear communication with one another, how to treat one another, and how to establish healthy boundaries. 
  • While you are actively employed by a Nanny Counsel Family, we offer unlimited support and guidance, should you need it.