How Not to Respond When Your Nanny Calls in Sick

Let's just dive right in. Nannies get sick and will miss work from time to time. There, I said it. Sadly, all too often, parents seem to forget that nannies are still human. I can only assume that lots of parents think their nannies are superhuman (which we kind of are in some ways), based on the countless nannies I encounter who are told they HAVE to come in even when very sick or are simply made to feel guilty for calling out. One nanny says she has been made to feel so guilty for calling in sick, that she hasn't taken a sick day in 6 years. Many nannies have even reported being guilt tripped for needing surgery -- like it's something they can control.

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Why You Can't Compare Nanny Rates To Daycare Rates

I hear it all too often. People constantly comparing nanny rates to daycare rates. Or people posting home daycare ads in nanny job Facebook groups. Let me just stop you and explain why it's NEVER okay to compare these professions. First and foremost, a nanny is generally the most expensive form of childcare (I am aware that there are some high end daycares that do cost more than a nanny if you have multiple kids). It is a luxury and not everyone can afford it. I'm not trying to be harsh, but that's the reality. It is not okay to compare a nanny's rate to that of a daycare because they are two entirely different forms of childcare.

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Yes, Your Nanny Should Get Paid To Do "Nothing"

"My nanny has it good. They basically get paid to sit around for 2 hours while my baby naps everyday."

"My wife and I need a sitter this Saturday night. The kids will be asleep the entire time so it's an easy job. Because of this, will you reduce your rate?"

"Since you're only going to be feeding the kids and putting them to bed, can we pay you your usual rate for while they are awake, and then half your rate for when they are asleep? Ya know, because you really won't be doing anything except watching's easy money."

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