Featured Friday: Nanny Of The Week -- Lindsay


TGIF everyone!! This feature is extra special to me because Lindsay is a close friend of mine. We randomly met at the park one day while with our nanny kids and have quickly become amazing friends. She is awesome, hard working, genuine, and a talented singer. She's new to the nanny field, but still has valuable things to say as well as some crazy stories. So, read on to learn more about her!

Interview with Lindsay From Nashville, TN

1. How long have you been a nanny and what type of nanny are you (part-time, full-time, live-in, etc.)? I have been a live in nanny for 6 months

2. Why did you choose to be a nanny? I fell in love with the family I babysat for. At the time, I was also looking for somewhere to stay. They had friends who were hiring an Au Pair, but they liked the idea of having someone live with them who they already knew and worked well with their kids. It came up very organically.

3. What has been your favorite moment as a nanny? The wonder and joy that kids have is so contagious. It’s fun to be around kids who view the world with a unique, innocent perception of life.  It has helped remind me to embrace the inner child that is in everyone, and not take life too seriously.

4. What has been your worst experience as a nanny? Tantrums.

5. What’s the best thing a parent has done to make you feel appreciated? I was really hung over one day and told the mom that I had a crazy night. She was very accommodating and gave me money to take all of us to a 3 hour movie and popcorn. Everyone has their “sick” days and it was really nice of her to adjust work so I could recuperate.

6. What’s the worst thing a parent has done to take advantage of you? When I first became a live-in, I had no previous nannying experience, just babysitting. The family I moved in with had never had a nanny as well. Our arrangement was that I would work 20 hours a week in exchange for free rent and food. I first thought this was an outstanding opportunity that allowed me to have a free place to live. But I soon realized that the work of a live-in is a lot more strenuous than a babysitter. I was nonstop doing things for the family, and the times I was working there was no clear boundaries. The dad would come in my room and wake me up some mornings to tell me he had to leave and ask me to keep an eye on the kids. They would come in late and then text me “we’re at dinner, is that okay if we’ll be late”. I soon realized that I did indeed need to be getting paid for the work I was doing. I did all of the family’s laundry, dishes, and cleaned up after they had friends over because I worked everyday. They split up my 20 hours over 7 days and literally had me work 2-4 hour shifts everyday. At the beginning I did it because I was grateful for the family and the place to live. But I then got burnt out, especially when reading article after article on the fact that live-in nannies need to get paid for every single hour they work. Once I told the family that, they were shocked and insulted that I would even ask them to pay me. I felt extremely taken for granted and disrespected. They are a great family and I don’t think they would intentionally take advantage of me personally, but I do believe they they undermine and don’t respect all that goes into watching kids and the luxury of having a nanny in their home.

7. What do you find most rewarding about being a nanny? Being a live-in nanny has made me aware of how hard moms work. The saying “a mothers work is never done” is completely accurate. By having this job, I have developed a much deeper appreciation for my mom who raised my brother and I, while working and also pursuing her master’s degree.

8. What do you find most difficult about being a nanny? Persuading kids to eat their vegetables and dealing with tantrums.

9. Most embarrassing moment as a nanny? As I mentioned above, the dad I work for has randomly come into my room while I’m sleeping without warning. I’m on the third level and it gets incredibly hot up there so sometimes I’m wearing little to no clothes when I go to bed. Recently, the dad came into my room unannounced early in the morning (when I wasn’t scheduled) to tell me to get up and work. I was topless. I’ve never felt so mortified and violated in my life. I immediately left the house and have actually been staying with a friend ever since because I feel so uncomfortable and unsafe in their home. After this incident in addition to them refusing to pay me for the hours I work, I gave my notice and am moving into my own apartment in a couple weeks!

10. Craziest thing a parent has ever done/asked of you? Had me pick up 2 weeks worth of dog poop in their backyard. This was not in my job description and they have two dogs so it was A LOT of poop. It was pretty degrading to be sent out to the backyard to pick up dog poop they had neglected for 2 weeks. I didn’t sign up for this sh*t haha.

11. Favorite activity/game/outing/etc with your nanny kids? Going to the zoo or park. Recently we did a lemonade stand and it was really fun.

12. What do you wish parents/society would understand about being a nanny and the nanny field in general? Being a nanny is like being a single mom for a few hours everyday. It is a tough job and I wish they would respect and recognize just how hard it is. A little appreciation goes a long way.

13. Best advice for new nannies? Well, I am a new nanny but I’ve learned a lot already. I would say to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Do the research on what you should be getting paid/what a nanny’s role is and don’t sell yourself short, otherwise you will get burnt out fast.

14. How do you practice self care? Meditation/yoga  and singing. They both clear my mind and help boost my mood.

15. Extra hobbies/interests? Singing, Volleyball, Writing, Filming Videos, and going out to eat.

16. Anything additional you’d like to share? In my spare time I love to combine my hobbies and make cover videos. Give them a look if you like :) Facebook | Instagram | Youtube